3D Work

These are some of the characters and props I created for Skylanders Swap Force on Nintendo 3DS.




WIP stylised Batman loosely based off the amazing concept by Daniel Araya




Harley Quinn


Weekend sculpt just for kicks... Based on this fun sketch by Jarrod Gecek

Krokodilus (WIP) sculpted bust. Inspired by Revenant-99

Fox McCloud bust- Inspired by concept art by Beth Turnsek



Recent handpainted weapon prop, just for fun.


Unity art test - Windmill model - Poly budget 1000, 3x 256 textures.

Tree Spirit and the Ghost Girl




-Steel Hope- Unearthly Challenge

Steel Hope Forum Thread





SOE Art Test








Louie (Head Study)




Silent Hill 3 (Heather) character rig by Josh Carey www.vfxcreator.com *thanks man ;)

Frankie Jr. (Redneck Frankenstein)

Org (Head Study)

Subhunter (based on Keith Thompson concept)





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