Paul Lembcke


3D Software & Digital Software
 Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, 3D Coat, Adobe Premiere, Flash, Gamebryo, Alienbrain, Tortoise SVN, Ogre, CrazyBump, Unity, Unreal Engine 3




To continue my career in the game development industry while learning new tools, and creative ways of solving problems. While working with teams comprised of talented and passionate people.



07/2014 - 09/2015
Grover Gaming, Inc.
Greenville, NC

Game Artist/Character Artist
I worked on video slot machine games and entertainment products, where I built numerous 3D characters within Maya, while utilizing ZBrush as well. Our game engine of choice was Unity. I have become adept at creating custom particles, materials, and animations within Unity.               

11/2013 - 04/2014, 11/2012 - 02/2013
AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
Orlando, FL

3D Artist
My job duties required me to utilize Maya and Adobe Photoshop to build 3D geo specific buildings and environment props for the Army's SE Core project. I work
with many highly skilled artists and we provide each other with constant feedback and suggestions.

03/2013 - 10/2013
n- Space
Orlando, FL

Character Artist
I was responsible for building characters and props for Skylanders Swap Force on Nintendo 3DS. My tasks included optimizing characters
with complete rigged skeletons for our 3DS pipeline. I also created concept art and built full characters for that game.

10/2011 - 08/2012
H2 IT Solutions, Inc.
Orlando, FL

Lead 3D Artist
I helped in the development of a teaching simulation for the Air Force, utilizing historical figures. I was in
charge of creating custom characters, environments, and props. I also mentored Associate Artists to help
them learn the pipeline of modern game development.

06/2012 - 06/2012
Hellfire Games
Austin, TX                                                                            

Contract Environment Artist
I was tasked with creating environment assets for an upcoming PS3 title. I worked with strict texture and mesh detail guidelines.

02/2010 - 06/2011
Engineering and Computer Simulations

Orlando, FL

3D Artist
My primary duties included creating various environmental assets, utilizing normal and specular maps.
I also helped established the ZBrush pipeline, and created several characters for our simulations.
I worked with the following clients; National Guard, Department of Defense, and NATO.

10/2009 - 10/2009
Armature Studios                                                                            
Austin, TX                                                                            

Contract Character Artist
Created character assets for a military FPS game for the Nintendo Wii system.

12/2006 - 10/2008
KingsIsle Entertainment                                                                 
Austin, TX

Associate Artist
I was tasked with creating various Housing and World assets to be used in an
unannounced MMOG. These creations followed an illustrative and steampunk
art direction, as well as being customizable. I was also involved in creating numerous
graphics and UI elements for mini games and interface designs.


07/2002 - 05/2004

Tempe, AZ

Associate Degree in Occupational Studies in Animation
My courses were taught by industry professionals and experienced professors in the entertainment and
video game industry. I learned the fundamentals of traditional animation as well as 3D.



Scholarship recipient for artist portfolio, North Harris College 2001
Student Recommendation in Drawing and Painting, Cy-Fair High School 2001

References Available Upon Request